Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Quilt Of Valor Ceremony

Today was a really good day. Our Quilt of Valor group gave away a room full of quilts to soldiers of the 291st MP Company. They just got back from a deployment to Afghanistan. I know legions of quilters make quilts for QOV, but I wonder how many actually get to go to the presentation ceremonies? Well, if you ever get a chance I think you should attend.

This was the room ahead of the presentation. Many of the quilts are laid out on the tables waiting for a solider to come and pick them out. There is another stack of quilts over on the side stage to fill in as quilts get chosen.

It was so fun to walk around an try to pick out quilts that I had quilted. I have done so many lately that I have last track of them.

When the soldiers and their families came in they got to pick out which quilt they liked the best. It was fun to see some of the wives come in ahead of time to scout out the quilts then tell their soldier to  pick their favorite. Most of the soldiers were single so there weren't many spouses picking out quilts ahead of time.

Here are some of the tops before I quilted them.

Here are some of the pictures of the soldiers with their quilts. They were all so sweet and thankful. I don't think I have ever felt so much happiness after giving a quilt away as I did today.

Today was great! Thanks all of you who made tops, quilted them, bound them, made pillow cases and labels. These quilts will be loved! They are so special and have found very worthy new homes.

Tia Curtis

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Cross Quilt for Dawn

Hello again! Lets talk about this quilt for a bit. Lots of pictures too! So this is a very arty quilt. My friend Dawn Blankartz made this top as a gift for a friend. If you want to tab below you can see the quilt that inspired the quilt. I have been calling it a Viking Cross quilt, but it is more of a Medieval Pictish cross. Anyway Dawn made quilt by utilizing piecing, raw edge appliqué and painting on the fabric. She used some lovely Peppered Cottons.

I quilted the heck out of this quilt for a couple reasons. First the appliqué was not going to stay on the quilt without a great deal of quilting. I knew it was going to be a baby quilt and with my baby quilts they went through the wash weekly if not daily. Baby quilts need to be strong. Second, when I got to the cross I had to quilt it dense to make the characters pop.

Dawn and I had discussed what to do in the borders ( a knot design and some celtic looking dragons) but the rest was up to me.  Swirls for the background ( did you know that swirls, or snail shells represent eternity in Welsh quilting?) worked well and quickly.

The cross was a different matter. I traced all the characters with sliver thread to blend in with the silver cross. I didn't want the characters to poof up too much after being washed, so I added narrow lines. Then I had to do something in the background so I went with a simple stipple. Stipple is never a background I reach for first, but for this is worked to look almost like embossing.

The grass was quilted to look like grass.

Here are some of the borders. Pearls in the cross, knot work in the plum and tumbling dragons in the green.

The fraying with the peppered cottons is going to be epic. But they will wash up so soft!

The back is a very soft green flannel. I love how the quilting shows itself here too!

It is inspired from the Dupplin Cross in Strathearn, Scotland. A very early Medieval Pictish Stone Cross.

This was another really fun quilt to quilt. I actually thought it was only going to take about 3 hours to do. Silly me. It took 3 days to quilt. Granted there were lots of other things going on at the same time. Kids, school and sport activities. As well as other projects that have popped up. I have a T-shirt quilt I am working on in the background as well...and patterns and classes!!!! So much wonderful things around here. 

Have a lovely day! I am trucking down to my studio to get some work done. Have a great day!

Tia Curtis

A Lucky Star quilt

Hey there! In July Vanessa Christenson came to speak at Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild. I have been a long time admirer of her blog so I was super excited to listen to her speak AND take a little workshop with her.

She taught us how to make her Lucky Star quilt. Or pillow I guess. I decided it needed to be bigger and added a white border and made it into a throw sized quilt.

I LOVED Vanessa! She is just as bubbly as she is on her blog. What a sweet lady. What was so fun about this quilt was the BIG FAT blue gradient stripe we used to make the blocks. Each stripe on the fabric was 5.5 inches wide. It was so cool and perfect for this type of piecing. I wish I would have taken pictures along the way! I have tried to find yardage of this fabric but I can't.

Sadly this quilt is already gone! A lady came over to the studio a couple days ago to drop off a quilt to quilt and wanted to buy something from me. Oddly that happens a lot. I guess I should make up a bunch of little bags or something so people can shop. But she wanted a quilt for a baby gift and I had this one laying in the stack to be bound and she wanted it. I knew if it stayed in my house it would just join the parade of quilts through the laundry and on the kids beds...it would be one of MANY MANY MANY, so I let it go to be only ONE in a new house. It is kinda cool to sell something that wasn't really even for sale and was so fun to make.

The quilting on this quilt was an Edge to edge named Modern Maze. I love it for it's custom look...but it is still just an e2e. A really affordable way to get a very custom look on a quilt.

Have a great Wednesday!

Tia Curtis

Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Pineapple quilt

Hey there! It has indeed been ages since I last posted. Lots has been happening around here. But all good things, thank goodness! I got to quilt this really tropical quilt for one of my favorite clients. She used to hand quilt all her quilts, but her Arthritis has made quilt very difficult and uncomfortable for her. I happily quilt for her now. This was a special quilt for her as she designed it and used quite a bit of paper piecing. She wanted something special done when I got to it. I saved it for last from the stack she dropped off.

I had a complete blast quilting it. Frankly I love quilting just about any quilt, but this one was so fun!

I wanted it to look like tropical breezes and sunshine

I used a really fun border on this quilt. It looks like ferns or some sort of jungle vine.

You can see the quilting better of course from the back.

And here is a bit more of the wide border vine. I used a combination of computer generated design and hand guided with the fill work, ruler work and a couple of the borders. This quilt went surprisingly fast.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sweet little Sail Boats

Good Morning! I just finished quilting the sweetest sail boat baby quilt. I wanted the blue to look like the sea...but I guess it looks like clouds too. The back on this quilt is mink, and I had no issues at all with it.

I quilted a tiny sand castle on the beach...can you find it?

And the boats are quoted pretty fun too.

Katy you did a great job on this cute quilt! Love it!!!!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kelly's Steam Punk Quilt

Good Morning folks!

How are you all doing? Last week was a doozy. My little tribe of kiddos headed back to school. The house is so quiet without their racket. Now all I have is Stanley's labrador snoring and the birds. These are actually very nice sounds, but so different from when the kids are home. I was seized by a frenzy of cleaning. It is so very nice to enjoy a clean house for a couple hours before 3pm when every surface is covered with backpacks and homework and the push begins to get hungry children fed before football practice. 

The little guy is in 4th grade, the middle man is in 5th grade and Emma just started 7th grade.

I have also finished quilting several quilts. Kelly L. let me quilt her Steampunk quilt. I love it so much. Swirls, loops and lines make up the quilting. I love her color choices and fabric combinations so much!

The back is so pretty too! So many great low volume blocks! I thought she had given me 2 quilts, and emailed her asking what type backing she waned me to use when I quilted her quilts. She told me the low volume one was the back! duh. It makes this quilt so awesome!

I love how the quilting looks on the back!

OK, have a super day!